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2D Portfolio

Top Scheepf – Mobile Cooking Simulator

Top Scheepf is a cooking simulator where the player plays as “Top Sheep” who is a chef.

Objective: ¬†Players will have to complete food orders through tickets. Customers have a patience limits. If they wait too long, they’ll leave.

Programmer: Jay Bixler

Tutorial & In Game Screenshot

S.Car.Go – Mobile Snail Racing Simulation

S-Car-Go is a game where players purchase snails, train, and take care of them for a number of days [10] before entering them into a snail race. The player controls how the snail trains, but during the racing phase, the player has no control over the snail.

Objective: Prepare your snail for a race against other snails. Complete all races with your snail and become the snail race king. Failing to win a race results to your snail getting salted.

Programmer: Jay Bixler

snails players can choose from: (from left to right, top) default snail, default snail 2, chill polka dots snail; (from left to right, bottom) flowery happy snail, confused and in-love snail, angry donut snail. *These are just cosmetics; it does not affect the stats of the snails.
(left) snail race animation; (right) buttons for training animations
Just some basic buttons for the game

In Game Screenshots

Title Screen
Training Phase
Loading Screen
Race Track